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Credit Boot Camp- Apr 23rd

Countdown to BootCamp

The best way to learn is to learn from past experience!

Attend The Credit Boot CampTM, (brought to you by DisputeSuite.com), and take your education to a higher level!

What you learn from just one event, you can take with you in your business, and outperform your expectations!

The Credit Boot CampTM is a 3-day LIVE training event where experts teach credit repair, marketing, business development, and more

If you are in the credit repair business or even remotely considering entering this lucrative industry, sit down and get ready for some information that you have never seen before.

Credit industry experts from around the world will be gathering for this awesome education and networking event. The credit repair industry WAS a secretive industry. Resources to help credit repair business owners succeed were scarce. NOW the credit repair industry is finally changing its old habits. Credit repair professionals gathered at the first live credit repair training event and decided that TRUE CHANGE is necessary.

Change starts with EDUCATION. Making advanced credit repair industry knowledge and credit repair tactics available to everyone in a live training event has quickly empowered credit repair professionals to expand their businesses and get better results! If credit repair professionals do a job better, more clients will be happier, and the entire industry succeeds as a whole.

This massive change in mind set for the credit repair industry will not be understood by all. Those that do embrace change will quickly see results like Al Sinclair and many others. If you want to be a part of an industry that helps consumers while giving you the opportunity to make massive amounts of money simultaneously...then READ ON.

Whether you're an industry veteran or a rookie, there are endless tricks and tactics to learn. The credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors spend millions of dollars every year trying to make the credit repair industry fail! Do you know the most recent tricks to defeat them? Have you aligned yourself with a group of like-minded professionals that want to help boost each other’s success and profits?

When the bureaus put up roadblocks, do you know the shortcuts to get around them?

When the Collection agencies violate the law, do you know how to identify their violation and turn the tables on them?

YOU CAN avoid these obstacles and start creating profit from chaos.

This 3-day live hands-on training will teach everyone, from the rookies to the veterans, step-by-step strategies to quickly and continuously create massive income from credit repair.

This industry needs more people to help consumers! Consumers are under attack. Credit card companies are raising rates, banks are denying loans, and only those with excellent credit get approved for loans! Consumers are constantly victims of predatory lending and predatory credit reporting.

Experts, veterans and rookies who have attended the Boot Camp have unilaterally praised the information shared at the event. The credit repair industry does not have to be secretive! At the Credit Boot Camp, the experts realize the importance of sharing secrets. Sharing insider secrets will lead to more satisfied clients, which leads to a better reputation for the industry as a whole!

The Credit Boot Camp

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April 23-25th, 2010
April 22nd **

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL Airport Marriott

Special must be purchased 14 days prior to event. Otherwise. prices will vary based on seating & availability.

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Countdown to BootCamp