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The BEST Credit Repair Software Kit Promotion EVER!

posted Jan 27, 2010, 4:23 PM by Credit Detailer   [ updated May 1, 2010, 5:41 AM ]


Today (4/30) is the very Last Day For the Promotional Offer!
Don't miss out on this amazing discount

Ends Midnight (PT) April 30th - Hurry!

The absolute, best, Best, BEST offer on the internet for credit repair software kit!

Credit Detailer Welcomes you to 2010!

The best things about 2010 is that it is NOT GOING TO BE A REPEAT OF 2009!

So we want to help make 2010 your best year yet! (...and ours too!)

We wanted to challenge ourselves to make one of the most ingenious marketing promotions ever! (that actually meant something to someone). An offer that is sooooooo ridiculous that it helps you even more than it helps us.

Well, after a few New Year's champagne glasses (or was it bottles?!) at our New Year's Party, 
we came up with our "2010  $201 Promotion". 
Only to be made even better that night by making it a 2-for-1 deal too!

This offer is for anyone who was thinking about stating a credit repair business but just wasn't sure, or had some financial limitations. 

We only ask that if you think our promotion was well worth our hangovers, that you share it with a friend! 
- Enjoy!
- And Happy New Year!
- All our Best, The Credit Detailer Team

It's our $201.00  2-for-1  2010 Promotion!

For just $201.00, choose either

One copy of Credit Detailer Business Edition 
 one year of the Automated Online Status Portal


Two copies of Credit Detailer Business Edition 
(so you can network them on 2 computers)

Our promotion helps you get set up today (not tomorrow, and not in a month) with a tool that you can use,
plus an online system that automates providing client progress

And if the online system is more than you need, simply get a second copy of the Credit Detailer Business Edition software instead!

You can look around,
(see the competition comparison chart here)
but no one comes close to the power and flexibility
you get for just $201.00!

Compared to the regular retail price of 1 license at $495.00 one time and regular retail price of Online Portal at $399.99/year, this is a huge savings while this promotion is offered!

Take advantage of this promotion now so you don't miss out!

Purchases must be made online & only from www.CreditDetailer.com

(Phone & fax orders available for a $15 adminstrative fee)

Purchase via PayPal or Google Checkout
(Activation code sent within 24 hours after processed)
(click the package image to go to PayPal checkout)

Option 1

(click the package image to go to PayPal checkout)
(If you need to install on multiple computers, purchase extra seats from Our Store for only $195 each!)

Option 2

(click the package image to go to PayPal checkout)

With some much attention on Credit the past few years, it's time that more people get involved and help those around them. Whether it be your clients, or clients for a colleague or affinity partner. 

Everyone needs to be paying more attention to the their credit report, and taking the steps to correct credit reporting errors and getting accurate credit scores to be reported. 

In most cases, correcting inaccurate credit items will increase your credit score. So why should anyone live with a lower than accurate score?

Promotional offer includes:
  • Digital file download (a CD will not be sent)
  • Software activation code will be emailed after payment has been confirmed (up to 1 business day).
  • Free software updates included through December 31, 2010 
  • Online status portal access for 1 year from purchase date (if selected as package option)

  • 30 minutes of installation support within the first 30 days after purchase (see Support Page for info). 
    • (enough to install, setup, and configure your settings for you!)
    • See Quick Start Guide for the steps the technicians will perform
    • or even perform them yourself!
    • Setup of Online Status Portal included in installation support based on the option purchased.

This promotional offer is limited to new customers only. Only one promotion per new customer. 
*Existing software and portal owners were emailed a separate promotion.