Personal Credit Repair Software

Credit Detailer is Automated Credit Repair
Now Available in Personal Edition!

When doing any type of credit report repair process, you always want ways to:
  • Save time
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Be more effective
Now the same tool we create for professional organizations can be used by you, the individual!

This means, you get the same great system the professionals use that includes:
  • Auto-populating letters (Saves you repeated typing)
  • The automatic progress tracking (Keeps you and the creditors within your legal response times)
  • Even the same educational information to get you up to speed. (Who, What, How, When, and Why)

Just look how simple it is:


Before you get started, let's have a quick education:

Credit Repair, is a process that allows you the consumer to challenge erroneous, inaccurate or obsolete information on your credit report with the Credit Bureaus to determine the provable facts surrounding the information on the printed report.

Credit Report, is the document prepared by the Credit Bureaus who store and record information from Creditors that has information on accounts you open, balance limits, credit line type (revolving or installment), payment history and account standing (open, closed, chargeoff, bankruptcy, repossession, etc). This report also has your address history, name aliases (i.e. John Smith and Jonathan Smith), plus any public records (Tax liens, Court Judgements, bankruptcy, etc)

Creditors are the companies or people that you borrow money from or have an open line of credit. (i.e. car loans, store cards, banks, etc). They can provide information to Credit Bureaus about the account you have with them.

Credit Bureaus