Thank You for purchasing Credit Detailer Business Edition

Description: lifetime license for unlimited users, unlimited clients (1 year of software upgrades included)

Receipt Details: 
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Purchase Amount: {Item_Price}
Amount Charged: {Collected}
Balance Due (if any): {Due}

PC Installation Limit: {PC_LIMIT}

Please note, the charge on your credit card statement will appear as: 

Your software code is:  {LICENSE_CODE}

(Ten capital letters) Please write this down for future reference.

The portal admin email is: email@domain.com

Getting Started: (after completing these steps, please see Quick Start Guide)

1. Download the .ZIP file 
          -Double click to open the Zip file 
          -Right click on Setup.exe and 'Run As Administrator' to start installation

2. Activate the software. 
          -Open CreditDetailer program on your desktop. 
          -Click the "Enter Activation Code" Button in the upper right corner of the software.           

3. Type your Activation Code above and email in and click validate. 
TIP: for future reference, you can always get your code from our website under Support section, or by visiting: http://WhatsMyCode.CreditDetailer.com

4. Business users will need to enter a login and password. 
          -Login:          admin 
          -Password:  admin 

Click here to see the help guides now: 

  Online Help Guides
 - For the software
 - For the portal

Also, please see the Quick Start Guide to see a checklist of tasks to ensure you are properly setup. 

We can get a technician to remotely assist you with installation, activation, and setup, or you can use the instructions located in the Online Help Guide.

Please use the "Live Help"  button located in your account manager page if you experience any activation issues.  (visit: http://WhatsMyCode.CreditDetailer.com)
*For services above installation and activation, an additional technician charge will be due. 


(559) 927-3348 

Refund Policy: You are entitled to a 30 day full refund should you decide to return your license before activating it. A refund is only available if the activation code has not been activated. Please Note: After an Activation license code is activated, a refund is no longer available. All activations and attempts to activate are recorded and time stamped.

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