Refund Policy

Payment made through any other website other than must contact the selling party and resolve all billing or support matters with them directly. If payment was made to an affiliate, distributor, reseller, or other 3rd party, you must contact them directly. CreditDetailer is not responsible for any transactions made outside the website.

All authorized affiliates, and 3rd parties are equipped with the ability to resolve support issue themself, or have been given protocol to submit a support ticket on your behalf.

You may contact us by phone or email at any time to validate an affiliate.

Refund Policy
No refunds are available on Trial Licenses as these are free trials.

For purchased licenses you are entitled to a 30 day full refund should you decide to return your license before activating it. A refund is only available if the program has not been activated. The software has a free Demo version, to test system compatibility, that does not expire. We encourage you to thoroughly preview the program using the demo software and trial period prior to using your purchased activation code. Once a license is activated, a refund is no longer available. All activations and attempts to activate are recorded and time stamped on the licensing servers.

Due to the nature of setting up websites, support services, or custom software programming, we can not offer refunds for these services after they have been delivered. You may however cancel any future or outstanding work orders that have not yet been delivered by calling us at 559-927-3348 and leaving your name, email and services you wish to cancel, or by emailing with your name, and services you wish to cancel. A cancellation reason is not necessary, as we have a no obligation policy before a product is delivered. For websites, support services, or custom programming work, once delivered, there are no refunds available.

Purchased by Non-Recurring Payments (Single or One Time Payment)

If your payment was made through website, or your payment was made directly to CreditDetailer, then you are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days if the license has not been activated. Please install the Software and use it in DEMO mode before activating to ensure PC compatibility. If you do experience technical issues, we will have a technician assist you either over the phone or through remote connection. If the license has been activated, a refund can only occur if the technician determines the problem is not able to be fixed. This must still be requested within the first 30 days. No refunds will be given after 30 days from time of purchase regardless of the situation.

Purchased by Recurring Payments (Subscription payment or Multiple payment plans)

With our "No Obligation & No Contract" policy, you may choose to cancel your payment plan at any time before your next billing cycle. Refunds and partial refunds are not issued on monthly subscription plans or multiple payment plans after 48 hours from the date they have been charged. You may cancel future billing at any time with a minimum of 2 business days notice. You may call, or email us your notice (including your name and email address) to terminate future billing.

Please note, the trial period may only be used once per subscriber/person. Attempting to re-subscribe for a 2nd trial may result in billing to start immediately, license suspension, or license termination. Please do not attempt this.