5. Frequently Asked Questions


  1. 1 Q. Who can request information about my credit file?
  2. 2 Q. How often are mistakes entered into my credit file?
  3. 3 Q. Who will remove items from my credit report?
  4. 4 Q. How can I add positive data to my credit report?
  5. 5 Q. How long does the restoration process take?
  6. 6 Q. Can a hired third party demand that information be removed from a credit report which I have gotten from a merchant?
  7. 7 Q. Should I apply for credit while in the restoration process?
  8. 8 Q. Can I speed up the process by directly contacting the credit reporting agencies?
  9. 9 Q. Are credit reports all the same?
  10. 10 Q. I have been refused credit. Can I do something about it?
  11. 11 Q. Are “credit reporting agencies” a part of the government?
  12. 12 Q. Is it illegal or immoral to have your credit profile improved?
  13. 13 Q. How does the credit reporting system work?
  14. 14 Q. How does information about me get into my credit report?
  15. 15 Q. How do the credit reporting agencies work?
  16. 16 Q. Why should I care what is in my credit file?
  17. 17 Q. Why do the credit reporting agencies have separate reports for husband and wife?
  18. 18 Q. Do the credit reporting agencies own the information on your credit report?
  19. 19 Q. Does paying a past due debt remove the debt from your credit report?
  20. 20 Q. What happens if new, negative information - information that was not on my original report - is added to my report after a hired third party has begun work on my behalf?
  21. 21 Q. Must we fill out separate Customer Agreement forms with a hired third party even though we are married?
  22. 22 Q. How do I get my credit reports to a hired third party?
  23. 23 Q. How will I know the results following the credit reporting agencies review of my file?
  24. 24 Q. There are marketing materials that refer to the Credit Reporting Agency as being able to remove or amend items such as: bankruptcies, foreclosures, charge offs, tax liens, collections, and late or past due payments. How do they accomplish this if the item being reported did in fact happen?
  25. 25 Q. Once a credit reporting agency has removed an item from a customer’s credit report, can it be reinserted?
  26. 26 Q. What is the definition of improper negative credit?
  27. 27 Q. What is the definition of “clearing up” a consumer’s credit report or improving their credit profile?
  28. 28 Q. What sort of things does your program do to force a repository to follow the FCRA and remove an item on behalf of a consumer?
  29. 29 Q. How is the service provided by a third party for consumer dispute resolution different or better than the current processes being offered by the various Credit Reporting Agencies?
  30. 30 Q. How would a mortgage broker or lender feel about the added unknown risk of lending their money to an individual whose credit report has been altered to possibly reflect an inaccurate profile?
  31. 31 Q. How would a mortgage broker feel, knowing that a major derogatory item, like a bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc., has been removed from a credit file, just because it could be, and yet not disclosed to the lender?