MAINTENANCE NOTICE: Our servers will be undergoing an upgrade from December 21,2017 12:00pm to December 24, 2017 12:00. During this time, the activation process will not work. Please check back after the upgrade. 
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (below) to see if your question has been answered. If not, fill in a request, and we will add it to the sheet below. 

Our Support Policy is as follows:

  • All Paid editions include first time setup technical support for your computers.
  • All Free editions do not include technical support or portal. 
  • Additional assistance may incur charges based on the need. 

Purchased Professional Edition include:
One (1) initial session including up to thirty (30) minutes of setup, installation, and activation assistance within thirty (30) days of purchases. This also applies to package upgrades, maintenance renewals, and version upgrades. Any additional support require hiring a technician.  Technical support is not included in any free packages.


Please note, that if software has been purchased from a 3rd party, such as, a private party, you bought someone else's company, eBay, craigslist, or a reseller website, etc. (collectively, any website that is not and you have not made payment to us directly), then you will be required to pay for setup, installation, or activation, unless you contact the seller for a valid support token. 

Our authorized resellers are equipped to manage support needs them self, so please contact them regarding new installations and activations.