A great free service to offer your clients!

Post date: Jan 28, 2010 12:16:31 AM

We often review and look at other software programs and services to determine what can benefit our visitors.

We came across this tool and we found it excitingly cool!

We want to introduce "The Scouting Report", and no, it's not a service that looks for professional athletes.

It's a service offered by Home Buyer's Marketing that allows everyday people to signup, and search for homes on the web.

Now, by today's day in age, just about everyone and their brother has seen home finding tools on the web, but we promise to explain why this is better....and keep reading to find out how you can turn this free service into successful service for you.

Here's a brief overview:

  • It's Free to use, and to offer as a business service* (most online systems are free for a user, but as a business, you have no way to invovle yourself or track anything with your clients.
  • The Scouting Report allows 'Anyone' to quickly search for homes in all 50 states! (not typical for most systems)
  • Since it is tied directly into MLS and other local listing services, the homes displayed are in real-time and accurate (we've reviewed other systems where changes and home listed/sold were not up to date)
  • You can look up bank owned foreclosures to find those really low deals (not available on any other system that we've seen)
  • You get a notebook where you can 'Star' houses (much like Gmail) and get notified when anything like price, description, status, or pictures change...that's cool because, basically, it keeps you informed before a person has time to call you
  • Of course, it comes with pretty standard features like being able to make a list of properties you would like found by using price, bedrooms, size, location, style, and etc.
  • It also has mapping features, but unlike other services, you can see the listing agent name and the home address to do your own drive-by. (Other online systems don't offer this information without first speaking to an agent, which is irritating when you are only doing research). Of course, the mapping features here are 'Amazing!', you can draw circles of areas, locate schools, restaurants, and get town specific information.
  • Then when ready, you can initiate contact through The Scouting Report to schedule a showing, or ask questions on a property. (other systems reviewed don't let you do either)

...and we are not even at the good stuff yet. So here's how to utilize this service for your business. (please understand, due to some legal regulations, only qualified industries can offer this. The exact list we do not have, but when reviewed, it contained:

  1. Licensed Realtors
  2. Home Builders
  3. Financial Planners
  4. Accountants
  5. Attorneys
  6. Insurance Agents

(This is a short list, you will need to make an inquiry to find out more regarding the legal details.)

If you are able to offer this as a service, here is how you benefit:

  • You now are provided your own portal to access the system
  • You can add clients to the system (or they can add themself)
  • You can see the clients in a master view
  • As clients are more active, you can work with those clients specifically to assist them more
  • You can offer clients a generally better home finding service in every aspect (easier, free, cleaner, better, more collaborative)
  • You can set yourself apart from the competition by being able to give this away at no charge and allowing your clients walk away with something for nothing
  • You benefit because you offer something for free that's truly is incredible (signup for free yourself and see), your clients love you even more, and they remain even more loyal - even after the credit situation is made better. Plus, why wouldn't they share this tool with their friends, family and co-workers who might live in other states! Not everyone will need credit education or consulting services from you, but your client list grows in new ways, with little effort, all for Free - What could be better!

Try it out for yourself below!

The Scouting Report

Click here to begin your free search!

This free tool is great for anyone who is having their credit updated!

Motivated clients work harder....give them a free tool and help them keep their focus!

  • -NO Sales Calls
  • -Personal password protected website access
  • -No fees of any kind - ever!

If you are an industry professional - you can offer this system to, track, and manage all your clients!

Click Here to inquire for more information

Realtors - You can use this free tool with your clients too!

This is a great way to drop your current monthly fees to MLS, RealtorPro200, and other!

Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Financial Planners, this tool is excellent for managing your clients and offering additional services - for FREE!