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Refund policy - We want you happy!

Did you know that you can "Try Before You Buy", for Free?!

We encourage you to download the fully functioning Free Trial Demo and install it to see the system run.

We will even assist with free setup support if you need it.

You can see the parts of the system and test with the sample data provided to see how simple the process is.

We offer a full 30 day refund, no questions asked, if you are not happy with your purchase. All activations will be disabled once a refund is issued. If you are looking for an upgrade or downgrade, please call us to make arrangements as we would be happy to accommodate you as best we can.

Why Is CreditDetailer Different?

Because YOUR data stays on YOUR computer.

(Doesn't that just makes sense?)

Ask yourself one question:

"If your mission critical client data isn't on your computer,

Can you ever stop paying the service provider you are with? "

Once you buy CreditDetailer, you can use it for lifetime!

One-Time Payment!


Single payment required on any discounted prices.

Please call to be approved for an installment option.

Business Version:

Regular: $999.99

SPECIAL: 60% Discount: $600 off!

Sale: $399

Code will be automatically emailed within 5 minutes after payment is confirmed

Check junk/spam folder and please email, text or call if you do not see it. We will respond back during normal business hours.

What you get with the standard software license package:

  1. Credit Detailer Business Edition Software

  2. Software is downloaded only, no physical product will be shipped

  3. Lifetime license for 1 PC, unlimited users, & unlimited clients

  4. Software updates included for one year from date of purchase

  5. No mandatory renewal fees (maintenance fees for software updates are optional)

  6. 30 minutes of installation support within 30 days of purchase

  7. This package does not include the online portal, website, private label, or distribution rights

Software download link will be provided after payment is processed.

Software is valid for a single computer installation only.

*Windows operating system XP or newer required.

CreditDetailer may be used on a MacOS with "Crossover" installed.

(video on how Crossover works)

Note: Purchase includes installation support for Windows only (including Windows already installed on MacOS).

Standard hourly paid support is needed for our technicians to setup Crossover on a Macfor you.

Purchase Additional* Licenses - $499.99 each - SPECIAL: $249 each

If you use multiple computers and need to use CreditDetailer on each computer, you can add an additional installation license to your account at a discount.

After purchasing, you may install on new computers immediately. Your account will be updated by our team.

*You must already have an active license. If this is your first time purchasing CreditDetailer, you can purchase in bulk above.

You can change the quantity after you click the button.

Online Status Portal - $499.99 annually

Includes iOS App, Android App, and Web

After purchasing, your account will be activated by our team. After you receive the welcome email, you may login with credentials provided.

*You must already have an active license. If this is your first time purchasing CreditDetailer, you can purchase above.

Purchase Live Technical Support - 1 hour for $60

Paid technical support can be purchased if you need our experts to assist you.

You can expect that a technician will schedule time to complete your request within the next 1-3 days.

Most of our software is very easy to do yourself, plus, with every license purchase we include 30 minutes within the first 30 days of technical support for free! However, you may need our technicians to do extra things. We are here to help!

1 Hour for $60. After payment is made, please wait for a technician to schedule an appointment with you. "Support is not instant - we still need to arrange a time".

You can change the quantity of hours needed after you click the button.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Software Maintenance ensures that you get the help you need and keeps your software up to date after your first year.

To offer you the least expensive method, you pay per License Code, not per installation!

Learn more here Maintenance

  • 1 year Maintenance - 25% of the retail price, i.e. $249.99

  • 2 year Maintenance - 20% of the retail price per each year, i.e. 399.99

  • 3 year Maintenance - 15% of the retail price per each year, i.e. 449.99.

Need an experienced coach to help you?

Learning with a professional gives you the flexibility to do it yourself with coaching from an experienced professional. After you go through it once yourself and see your results, you could even want to start helping others with the "Professional Edition".