3. How Does Credit Affect You?

We have researched and designed a system to help individuals who want to learn about their credit report and review it for accuracy. If there are errors or mistakes, we simplify the learning curve and process for resolving the truth. We also designed this for those of you wanting to help others achieve the credit standing they deserve.

Not everyone wants to spend their time dealing with credit, but since it is so important in the financial world, we want to help give you a jump-start on looking at your own credit.

Having a wrong credit report can cost you in any or all of these areas:

    • Mortgage Interest Rates & Loan Amounts
    • Automotive Insurance Rates
    • Automotive Loan Interest Rates, Loan Amounts, and Down Payment Amounts
    • Apartment Rentals
    • New Job Employment
  • Getting a Mobile Phone plan

We understand that you may not be an expert on the credit system and reporting inner workings, so that why we designed our systems to work with any level of knowledge.

Remember, the Credit Reporting bureaus are not a government agency. They are a company that is regulated by the Federal Trading Commission. That means these companies are completely separate from any form of government. They are companies in business to make money. And since their business can affect the lives of all Americans, the government makes sure they, like any other business, are not acting unfairly.

It is up to you to periodically review the content of your report and dispute anything you feel is inaccurate.

The FREE information on our web pages allows ANYONE to learn about credit reporting and your consumer rights. After you get all the free information from our site call us to help start the process of correcting your credit errors.

The content provided here is not a substitute for the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or the advice of a professional. If you have specific needs, you should refer to the Federal Trade Commission or hire a professional to assist you.