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Look at CreditDetailer today and see how amazing simple it is to manage all the steps throughout the credit repair process.

Give Credit Detailer a test drive and see you'll see why others have switched from HDTI, Credit Money Machine, Credit CRM, and Dispute Suite to the Credit Detailer Automated Way!

Version 1909

(September 2019)

For Windows 64-bit or 32-bit
with Microsoft Office 32-bit

Install Steps:

1) Download to your desktop

2) Double-click to open it

3) Double-Click on "setup_credit.exe"

4) Click NEXT or OK through the installation process.

Professional vs. Personal Edition

Professional Edition:

- Used for companies or businesses to service clients

- Unlimited clients, letters, tracking, and use

- Includes business features for marketing, billing, employees, tracking.

Personal Edition:

- Used for a single household and allows for two (2) people to do updates

- No business like features are included (multi users, unlimited people, forms, etc)