Stay Up-to-Date! - Always get the current version!

Software Maintenance (Optional)

(User can elect to pay optional renewal fee annually for software updates)

Maintenance fees include:

  • All upgrades
  • Discounts
  • Advance Promotions
  • Special Offers and more

Q: What is Maintenance and why is it necessary?

A: The Credit Detailer Software Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and comprehensive program that includes software updates, software upgrades, and many other benefits. When you participate in the software maintenance program, you automatically receive the newest versions of Credit Detailer software upon release at no additional cost. This allows you and your organization to keep up with the latest software technology developments, take advantage of usability improvements, and manage software licenses more easily. As a participant of the Credit Detailer Software Maintenance Program you are eligible for:

* Access to skilled technicians who can assist you with technical issues (premium rates apply)

* Communications for the purpose of consultation on operational aspects of the software

* Free software enhancements, updates and upgrades during the maintenance period

* Advanced and exclusive notification of software promotions

* "Maintenance Owner ONLY" product promotions

Q: How much does Software Maintenance cost?

A: Maintenance pricing is a percentage of the current SRP (Standard Retail Price) of the product for which maintenance is purchased. Maintenance pricing depends on the period you purchase it for:

1 year Maintenance - 25% of the product SRP;

2 year Maintenance - 20% of the product SRP per each year;

3 year Maintenance - 15% of the product SRP per each year.

Q: How do I purchase or renew my Maintenance?

A: The purchase and renewal of maintenance is the same process as purchasing licenses. Software maintenance for eligible products may be renewed by emailing us, or by calling us.

Q: Can I buy Maintenance for a time period other than 12 months?

A: Yes. You can buy 1-year, 2- or 3-year maintenance. Purchasing 2- or 3-year maintenance is a better option from a pricing standpoint.

Q: When does the Maintenance term start?

A: The Maintenance term begins on the purchase or delivery date (whichever is later) of your software product.

Q: My Maintenance has expired. Can I renew it?

A: Sure you can! If your maintenance has expired, you may re-initiate your maintenance by paying the optional maintenance fee for a new contract term. Please keep in mind that Maintenance periods can not be interrupted. This means that your current Maintenance period expiration date will be set as the starting date for the renewed Maintenance term.

Q: Is there any deadline for Maintenance contract renewal after it has expired?

A: There is no deadline to renew or re-initiate Maintenance. However, it is beneficial for you to renew it before the expiration date or as soon as possible after the old contract has expired because Maintenance period can not be interrupted. This means that your current Maintenance period expiration date will be set as the starting date for the renewed Maintenance term.

Q: How can I activate my Maintenance?

A: Your Maintenance will be activated automatically upon purchase. You are required to do nothing on your part.

Q: If my Maintenance expires can I still use the product?

A: Sure you can! All lifetime Credit Detailer software licenses are perpetual and once you buy a lifetime license, you own it. You may use the product as long as you like. Nevertheless, after your Maintenance is expired, you won’t have access to any product updates or upgrades and other benefits available only for the owners of valid Maintenance.

Q: If I have questions about Maintenance whom can I contact?

A: Please contact our Sales Team or you can simply e-mail us at Please note, our sales team is not the technical support team.The sales team is not equipped to answer technical issues at this time.

Q: Will my software still work if I don't get Maintenance?

A: Yes, of course! That's part of the Credit Detailer way. Your business can continue to use your current version for as long as you choose.

Q: What if prices go up?

A: Pre-purchasing future years of maintenance ensures that you lock in the lowest price. As we develop our software and invest more money, our prices will change to respectively. Sadly, inflation and costs exist for everyone. We can only encourage you to purchase ahead of time if you enjoy getting our updates.

Q: My software package has changed names or no longer exists on your product page. What amount do I pay?

A: If your package is no longer listed, then your maintenance amounts are based on the SRP for the date you purchased. E-mail us at to have us retrieve your code and amount.

Q: How does maintenance work on Monthly packages?

A: Monthly packages receive updates and upgrades as long as your account balance in current. Because you are leasing the software, you will always have the most current version. If you miss one or more monthly payments, the software license expires as well as maintenance. To reactivate, (under three months of missed payments) you will be required to bring all past months current at initial pricing during setup, or (over three months of missed payments) purchase a new package at current prices. Additional technical assistance is billed separately on a per-use basis.