Online Status Portal for Credit Repair Clients and Affiliates

Our new Online status portal is coming where you can brand it using the CreditDetailer software.

It will include mobile visible pages and more features to be announced!

Time is a valuable thing - So why not free up more of it with the Online Status Portal!


(You must already have CreditDetailer Professional installed on a Windows machine)

*Runs on Windows XP through Windows 10, and Windows 2012-2016 servers

*Windows 10 and Windows server requires additional setup, contact us for questions

Scroll down and try the live demo below

Portal Benefits

  • Automatically manages your business!

  • Sends emails to Clients and Affiliates when their file is updated

  • Keeps track of who is logging in so you can monitor your effectiveness

  • It's like having an assistant who works 24 hours a day!

  • Best of all - You don't have to do anything but simply use the software!

  • The portal updates itself - saving you time and errors!

Clients & Affiliates can check their status 24 hours a day!

Your clients will appreciate the constant accessibility to their file and speed at which you can communicate!

The Client & Affiliate Portal also works web enabled mobile phones!

iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, and laptops!

No Website Required!

Use the portal even if you don't have a site, or embed the portal into your site!

It still appears as your company info!

About Client Portal

Clients and Affiliates get to see their status online!

Reduce calls to your office!

Affordable & Low Cost!



Portal Includes:

  • Unlimited Clients Files

  • Unlimited Client Accounts

  • Unlimited Affiliates Users

  • Unlimited Referral Sources

PLUS, the portal includes Auto-Email Notifications!

100% Fully Automatic!

Keep everyone on the same page and

reduce phone calls regarding status requests!

Now Portal works with all web enabled mobile phones too!

Test out the Portal yourself- LIVE!

Test the portals your self!

The information below will let you into the live site!

Even try it on your mobile phone browser too!

If you can give client status anytime, anywhere - affiliates and clients would love to use you!

Client Portal

Login with this info:


birth date: 02/01/1970

Affiliate Portal

Login with this info:


password: 123456

Administrator Portal

Login with this info:

AuthCode: testadmin

Admin email:

Client Portal Features:

  • Clients can choose how often the receive emails

  • Only your logo is shown (Not ours)

  • All your pertinent company information is displayed automatically using the settings in the software! (if you make a change to your name, phone numbers, email, the portal automatically gets updated too!)

  • Clients login easily using their email address and birth date! (no need to mess with lost usernames or passwords! (the easier your portal is, the more people will use it!)

  • Portal hides any personal information pertaining to your client for added safety and security (only the client knows its theirs!)

  • Shows the clients paperwork status

  • Shows the clients current stage and status

  • You can determine which of the stages appear! (hide the stages and paperwork that don't apply to your business!)

  • You can rename each stage to anything you want & any language you want

  • Shows how many days open the stage has been

  • Easy color coding makes your portal simple for clients to understand!

  • Colors of Stages can be customized if needed!

  • Portal will display an unlimited number accounts all on one screen! (making it easy to see things in one shot!)

  • Each account only displays the last 4 digits for security purposes

  • You can add your own custom icons! (or use icons that we have preset)

  • Accounts automatically show the client the status of each item!

  • If a Representative is assigned to the client, the rep info appears too allowing the client to get in touch more easily!

  • You choose to post certain notes in the software to the website for the client to read. (The portal can then notify the client through email about an update on the file!)

  • Add unlimited notes online & remove notes when no longer needed to be displayed!

Affiliate/User Features:

  • Affiliates can get emails as often as they choose

    • every client change

    • on daily changes

    • on weekly changes

    • every two weeks

    • on monthly changes

    • or never

  • Affiliates see your logo only! (not ours or anyone else!)

  • Affiliates only see the clients where they are the assigned Rep, or where you have marked them as referral source

  • One easy to read layout lets them see the status without complicated menus (The easier it is for Affiliates to use, the more they will use your portal!)

  • Affiliates can login using their email address and a password you provide them (done in the software)

  • You have control over disabling access to the portal (done right in the software)

Administrator Features:

  • Upload your company logo

  • Select your color style from over 20 color styles!

  • Select which status stages appear to clients

  • Rename the status stages to your desired wording

  • Turn email notifications on or off

  • Edit the email subject, links, and email sender/reply to addresses

  • See activity logs of login's by clients and affiliates, plus when emails were sent, and even failed login attempts (know who your more active clients are!)

  • Set it and forget it technology! The portal is fully automated! nothing else to do!

  • Fully automated means

    • Time Saved!

See all the Color Choices! Set your own color style!