CreditDetailer is getting an upgrade

- and so are you - for Free

To get it, be sure to register your activation code here:

Version Time Line - Make sure you are up to date!

Next Version 2112

Target release date

Dec 2021

Current Version: 1909

release date

Sep 2019

Prior Version: 1908

release date

Aug 2019

CreditDetailer is rolling out several new updates with many new features, plus we are rolling out CreditDetailer Live Edition, Private Labeling, redistribution, more automation, plus more exciting things to make your business easier!

- but first, we are saying goodbye to our prior license server and moving to a newer one that works better for the future.

Your activation code remains the same, you only need to install the latest version and activate.

To get it, be sure to register your activation code here:

Since your data is on your machine, you don’t lose anything!

Steps to install new version and restore from backup

  1. Make a backup of your existing CreditDetailer data and/or folder. (Always a good idea)

  2. Download the Setup Installer

  3. Run the installer. A new folder is created called: Credit_1909

  4. Find the icon on your desktop called "Credit_1909" & Double click to open the new version

  5. Activate with your license code (use DEMOCODE21 and your email address if you forgot - we can look it up for you later register here first)

  6. Go to Settings > Click Auto-Backup Tab > Click Import from backup button

  7. Choose your most recent file to import from (1 of these 3 options: A) your backend.dat, B) Detailer3.32.accdr, or C) the most recent Backup file)

  8. Click Import and wait a minute or two while it imports.

  9. Check that all your files are there

  10. Go to Settings > Click Auto-Backup Tab > Click Manual Backup Now


Please see instructions below or watch the video.

You can download the file from the from this link

Click through these slides to see the steps to restore.

If you have a multi-station license and network them together:

  1. Close all open copies of CreditDetailer first.

  2. Rename the Backend.dat file in C:\CreditDetailer\Data\ folder to Backend_old.dat

  3. Open Credit_1909 and go to the Network Tab and click Split and choose the same folder where the other Backend.dat file was

  4. Close CreditDetailer and then copy the Front End to the NetSetup Folder use that to bring to the other stations.

  5. Create shortcuts on desktop as needed

Do you need to schedule remote assistance?

If you need assistance doing this, our technician can assist you if you have these 4 steps completed.

Please make sure you have already done the following four things:

  1. Download the current version first (you can wait for us to run it with you if you want)

  2. Register your information here: Register

  3. Go to https://remotedesktop.google.com/support and follow the step near “Get Support” tab at the top to install the Google Plugin for Chrome or Brave Browser

  4. On Google's Remote Support Page, click "Generate Code" and send an email to Questions@CreditDetailer.com with the 12 digit code to arrange a technician* to assist you. *based on availability and you must be registered before emailing the 12 digit code

If you need help finding your code, you can always find it in your original email from us, or you can email us at questions@creditdetailer.com or call us at 559-927-3348 and we can look it up for you.

REMOTE ASSISTANCE-- METHOD #1: Splashtop (Preferred Method)

  1. Installer should automatically download (or get the Windows Installer)

  2. Open the downloaded file and wait 30-60 seconds for a number to be generated

  3. Provide the 9 digit code to us and we can assist you

(see example at left)

REMOTE ASSISTANCE-- METHOD #2: Google Remote Support

Click through slides to see how to install Extension

Get Google's Free Remote Support Tool

See slide show: