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Credit Repair Laws for


State Regulation:

The state of new Jersey does not post any specific documents regarding Credit Repair organizations. This could be that they defer to the "Federal Credit Repair Organization" laws.

They do have some related posts:

New jersey Fair Credit Reporting Act


As you read these, you should see that NJ wants to help residents understand their rights, and protect them.

Our opinion on the matter is that credit repair organizations should help facilitate the process while helping educate clients. Yes, every person has the right to do this them self, but like any process, if you are not familiar with how the process works, you can get discouraged, rejected, or ignored.

A Credit Repair Organizations duty is to help consumers get fair treatment from credit bureaus which they are entitled to under credit laws while providing their own expertise and experience through a practiced and successful process. Sometimes this means you are a service provider, sometimes as an educator, and sometimes both.

The information listed here is subject to change without notice. Be sure to look up the chapter and section of the law on your state's website to get the most up to date revision of the laws.

For your own sake....don't just take what we have here, do some quick research yourself!