Our Support Policy is as follows:

  • All Paid editions include first time setup technical support for your computers.
  • All Free editions do not include technical support or portal.
  • Additional assistance may incur charges based on the need.

Purchased Professional Edition include:

One (1) initial session including up to thirty (30) minutes of setup, installation, and activation assistance within thirty (30) days of purchase. This also applies to package upgrades, maintenance renewals, and version upgrades. Any additional support require hiring a technician. Technical support is not included in any free packages.


Please note, that if software has been purchased from a 3rd party, such as, a private party, you bought someone else's company, eBay, craigslist, or a reseller website, etc. (collectively, any website that is not and you have not made payment to us directly), then you will be required to pay for setup, installation, or activation, unless you contact the seller for a valid support token.

Our authorized resellers are equipped to manage support needs them self, so please contact them regarding new installations and activations.

Can I use this program with Windows 7 and 10?


How do I activate the program?

To Activate,

    1. Open the program, and Go to SETTINGS and you will see the the ACTIVATE Tab
    2. Click "Activate" button
    3. Enter your 10 character license code and the email address you want to register the software to
    4. Make sure you are connected to internet and (if any) your Firewall does not block the request to activate
    5. Click "Activate"
    6. A Success message should appear, if not, you may have:
      1. entered an incorrect license,
      2. an expired license,
      3. a suspended license,
      4. your internet connection is not reaching the license validation certificate website
    7. You will need to close and re-open the program for the activation to fully complete.
      1. When logging back in under Business edition, the default password is "admin" (in lowercase without the quotation marks)
      2. See Business Edition Help guide Section "Login Prompt" for more detail

How do I restore from a previous backup or transfer my data to a new PC?

You must have a backup file

Open Settings

Click Auto-Backup Tab

Click Import From Backup

Click Step 1 button and choose

How do I save the letters as a PDF?

There are several answers and solutions:

A) Foxit PDF ( ) reader is Free and does a perfect job! - set it as your default printer

Where can I get my "Activation Code"?

After you Register your Code, you will be able to look it p, and perform other actions.

If your code is compromised, we can always change it, just contacts us to do so "From the account that is registered, and you must include a phone number for verification"

How do I reset the password to login?

You will need to download this tool: Support Utility

    1. Save the file to your Computer.
    2. Unzip the file to the same folder as the credit program ( << Important!!)
    3. Open the Support Utility
    4. Click Browse to find the file to link up to. It will either be called:
    5. If networked "Backend.dat", (C:\CreditDetailer\Data\Backend.dat)
    6. If running without being networked: "Credit_YYMM.accdr" C:\CreditDetailer\Credit_YYMM.accdr)
    7. Adjust the "Type of File" drop down as needed
    8. Click the button to "Reset Passwords"
    9. Edit the username, password, also the Admin and Active status for users
    10. TIP: When things turn "Green", then you have done it properly
    11. Click Save to return to the main screen.
    12. You can now log back into the program with the password you just set

How do I switching between the languages displayed?

The software currently has 2 languages: English & Spanish.

The software also has 2 places for language settings:

    • A setting for the program (the start-up screen, login screen & demo mode)-anything you see before you need to login
    • A setting for each user (each user can see the program in their preferred language)-anything you see after you login

If you happen to switch the default language to Spanish, the start-up will be in Spanish

To change it back to English:

    1. Login as an administrator
    2. Go to the far right button ("Selecciones")
    3. Click on "Informacion de la Compania"
    4. Click the English Button

Then you will need to check if the user you are logged in as has the correct setting.

If you happen to switch the default language to Spanish, the start-up will be in Spanish

To change it back to English:

    1. Login as an administrator
    2. Go to the 2nd far right button ("Lista Representatives")
    3. Click on the Rep name you are logged in as
    4. Click the English (or "Ingles") choice

My software says "DEMO" mode at the top, what do I do?

The software does validation checks for anti-piracy checking to ensure you are using a valid copy. If you skip one of the validation checks, the "DEMO" message appears.

Just reactivate as normal by doing the following: Go to Settings, click Activate, and type your activation code plus email address. This will re-activate the software and you will pick up where you left off.

If you get a message that you can not activate, you may either have a computer setting that was recently updated and affected the software, or your license may be out of license installation limit compliance and you would need to request support through our website.

Can this software be networked?

Yes, you can network the software between 2 to over 100 computers. See our Help Guides Page for detailed instructions on how to setup networking for your company.

Can I move my clients from version to version?

Yes, moving clients will happen when you upgrade versions. You must have a valid Maintenance PIN in order to receive the most current update and the ability to migrate your clients.

Do I get free support for this software?

You may receive support on trial and demo versions during their 10 day trial term.

If you have paid for a valid license, you will receive 30 minutes of installation and setup support within 30 days of your purchase. Also, most packages, unless otherwise stated, will include free updates for 1 year after your purchase. With update releases, you will receive an additional 30 minutes of upgrade support within 30 days after the release date. Notifications will be sent via email to the license owner, or you can check our website periodically as needed.

If you renew your maintenance plan, you will receive the latest version and an additional 30 minutes of technical upgrade support for as many years as you purchase.

Do you charge for re-activations?

There is no charge to reactivate on a new PC if you perform the installation and activation yourself.

If you attempt to activate or transfer the license to another PC and need our assistance to do it, we will charge you for our technical assistance.

If you own a single PC license and have the license activated more than 3 times in less than 120 days, the license will be temporarily deactivated and you must contact support for validation and authenticity of installation.

Any further activations beyond that require a reactivation charge. Reactivation charges vary based on number of reactivation attempts. The more you reactivate, the higher the charge! Don't let your friends use your license or you will have to pay for it!

Can I transfer my license to a new computer?

You can transfer any of our current supported versions to a new computer at any time. All you need to do is install the program on the new computer and re-enter your License Code to activate again.

When you activate on the new computer, the prior installation will be deactivated automatically. We will automatically record the transfer in our system for future reference if needed. You may transfer or activate your license up to three times before manual activation is required.

Please note, as part of our security measures, if your license has excessive or frequent transfers (more than 3), your license will enter a suspended status and the licensed user will need to contact support to validate which computer the license the license is to be activated on (a reactivation fee may apply for any future activations).

What if a new version comes out, do I have to pay for the upgrade?

You are entitled to receive free updates for 12 months from your purchase date, unless otherwise stated on promotional packages or website.

If I activated on the wrong computer can I re-activate on another computer for Free?

Yes you can. All you need to do is install the program on the new computer and reenter your License Code to activate again. When you activate on the new computer the prior installation will be deactivated and marked as a Transfer.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet each day?

You need an Internet connection to activate the license code the first time, then it begins validating. As you validate correctly each time, the validation checks are less frequent. If you become deactivated, connect to internet, quite CreditDetailer and re-open

How do I get updates to the software?

When we release new versions, we post updates on our website, plus we send an email to each registered owner (You must manually register here). You will receive download instructions in the email. If your maintenance plan is current, you will also receive the ability to transfer your clients from the old system to the new system.

What happens if I violate my License Agreement and try to install it on more PC's than I am allowed?

We hope you don't even need to read the answer to this question, but if you must know. Remember that EULA you agreed to? We will terminate your rights to that license code and you will be locked out of the software. Even though you own the software license, you are limited to how many PC's it can be activated on at any one time.

If you need to run your business using multiple computers, contact us about purchasing additional installations. We have very economical packages to help you grow without large expenses.

So please, for your own sake, don't try to install on multiple PC's, it won't work, you'll suspend your own license, and we'll know. Excuses are welcome, but we've heard them all before. Again, please don't lose your license rights, we may not sell you another one.

Why do I need to register my license?

Because we try to maintain minimal personal information on you, we don't keep any information you don't provide us. So when you purchase, we only know you by the email address you used when purchasing. And since "bubba214@yahoo" can be just about anybody, we don't know your real name and if you call, we can't divulge anything regarding your account.

Registering your license enables you to link a name to your email (even if it is just Jim S.) so that when you submit support requests we know it is the owner emailing us for a question and not a disgruntled employee who plans to steal your code.

If we detect suspicious activity on your license, we'll notify you through email and ask you to confirm any transfers of your license.

What if I forgot what my license is? How do I get it?

Fill out the registration form and follow the directions on the screen, we will be able to lookup your code using your information, or contact you to help locate it.

What is the difference between "monthly subscription", "annual license" and "lifetime license"?

When you purchase a license to use the software, you are able to use the software for an indefinite amount of time within the boundaries of the end user license agreement.

The "lifetime license", which typically are the more expensive licenses, mean you can use the version you purchased in 2003 for years to come.

The "annual license", which typically have more economical pricing, but shorter term use, refers to how long you are entitled to use the software. Purchasing in June of 2005 means you can use the software until June 2006. After which, you will need to renew your license.

The "monthly license", which is typically the lowest cost plan, but only provides monthly uses upon pre-payment. Monthly users receive updates as long as you are paying your account and have not lapsed months, but you do not own the software.

(There are options to "buyout the license" to a lifetime license and receive some credit towards the cost, but it is calculated based on your past payment performance and duration)

How do I make an online request?

To make an online request ticket, you must be a registered user of the website so that you can login and then submit your question online. Remember that you must have already registered your information and license in our support system. Email responses are sent to the registered emails only.

What is the password to login after I activate Business Edition?

This simple answer is: the default password is " admin " (lowercase).

However, you should read the Business Edition Help Guide section for "Login Prompt" to understand how to update this password.

How do I get software to work on my Macintosh or Linux Computer?

You need an extra program (parallels or CrossOver ) plus a Windows license.

Then run our installer

What can I do if my activation code is compromised or stolen?

The good news is, we have safety built in. Just contact us via the online support system under our support link and provide identifying information. We will then deactivate your old code and reissue you a new code.

If this occurs outside of your Maintenance Plan time-frame, there will be a charge for this service.