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Credit Detailer software is a top of the line complete credit business management system for credit repair agencies, consultants, credit professionals, mortgage originators and loan officers, Realtors, attorney's, auto finance, and insurance agents

Whether you just need a program to help you learn about the credit reporting regulations or if you plan on correcting errors on your own credit report, Credit Detailer is the software you need.

We have designed the software to be the easiest program available so that even beginners can have access to the same methods and resources of professional agencies. (just compare it to the competitors and you's see why in the first 5 minutes of using it why Credit Detailer is the best solution for you...)

We have been getting feedback and suggestions from our users over the past several years, and using that feedback, we constantly evolve our Credit Detailer software into a newer, faster, easier, better model.

The Credit Detailer software is always improving because we listen to our users and we are genuinely interested in making your job easier to manage!

What makes Credit Detailer Different?

  • It costs next to nothing! Our sponsors discount it!

  • The data is on your PC, not online!

  • It is the easiest system out there

  • Instant setup >> download-install-go!

  • It is the most automated system

  • The only bi-lingual system there is!

  • A full education suite vs. just a glorified letter printer

Professional vs. Personal Edition

Professional Edition:

- Used for companies or businesses to service clients

- Unlimited clients, letters, tracking, and use

- Includes business features for marketing, billing, employees, tracking.

Personal Edition:

- Used for a single household and allows for two people to do updates

- No business like features are included

PROFESSIONAL Edition Features

CreditDetailer is a Complete Credit Repair Business System with:

  • Unlimited Clients, Employees, Progress Tracking & Client Notes

  • Includes Letters, Forms, Marketing & Reports

  • Easy 1-Click Automated Printing of letters

  • Tracking of documents is automatic

  • Follow-up Reminders for tasks

  • Automated Backup

  • Includes Invoices, Billing & Reminders

  • Optional Web Client Status Portal

  • And more!

Personal Edition

Personal Edition

- Used for a single household and allows for Two people to do updates

- No business like features are included

* Runs on Windows Machines (or Mac with Parallels software)

Personal Edition

Looking for a someone to assist you in learning or doing?

Please contact one of our sponsors:

Credit Coach options include:

  • Get just the software for yourself and a second person

  • Get the software with personalized coaching and training

  • or have the Coach's manage it all for you!

Visit their site to learn more!

System Requirements

  • Windows Based Operating System

  • 1024x768 screen resolution or better

  • 256 MB RAM or better

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