How to Use PayPal SecureCard

Secure Cards

Secure Cards let you pay online almost anywhere MasterCard is accepted.


(requires that you login to your PayPal account)

Download from here:

PayPal offers 2 types of Secure Cards:

Single-use cards are designed for a single purchase on one website. You generate a Secure Card number that allows a single purchase to be completed even if it requires separate charges, such as for multi-part shipments, back-ordered items, or trial-period subscriptions. In these cases, you may see more than one transaction associated with a single-use card.

Each single-use card has a limited duration and can no longer be used after the entire purchase is complete or you close the card.

The limit for any single-use card is 4 authorizations from a single merchant or an expiration date up to 2 months from the creation date, whichever comes first.

You can close the card at any time before it expires.

Multiple-use cards are designed for multiple purchases on a single website. You generate a Secure Card number that you can use again and again on that one website.

Typically, the card number is saved with your profile on the merchant’s site, so it's available the next time you make a purchase.

Each multiple-use card is valid for 2 years, but you can extend the expiration date for 1- or 2-year intervals, before you close the card or it expires.

Secure Cards let you use PayPal online almost anywhere MasterCard is accepted – even where PayPal is not yet a payment option.

Just be aware that some purchases – like movie tickets and hotel reservations – may require that you show a physical card.

We don’t recommend using Secure Cards for these kinds of purchases.

Some merchants may ask for a phone number to confirm that you're the card holder. Please give them our Customer Service number: 888-221-1161.

Generate new cards or view old cards



This notifier appears when you’re shopping.

Use the plug-in to see all the Secure Cards you’ve generated. You can:

  • Generate new cards.
  • Change expiration dates.
  • Close cards.