Brand Credit Detailer Credit Repair Software as your Own!

Start selling immediately with "Turn-Key" Software

Comes with built in license tracking & security - Submit a request for quote at the bottom

Less Expensive and Faster than programming your own code!

Professional Credit Repair Software

1. Send us your logo

2. We enter your contact information

3. You start selling and offering the software as your own brand!

Your Name + Our Proven Technology

The CreditDetailer Credit Software lets you take the industry's best software and brand it as your own.

With over 15 years behind it, it's solid and works.

Don't Waste Time or Money

  • Low cost vs. Building your own software will cost you $100,000-$250,000 or more (and that's if you get it right on the first try!)
  • Quick Vs. Building your own software will take 9-18 months of a programmer dedicated to building it full time (at $70/hour average)
  • Simple Vs. Building your own software means maintaining the software after it's built and making updates.
  • Quality Vs. Building your own software means figuring out bugs and glitches and workflows.

We make it Simple to Get Started Quickly

Simple Pricing Model:

  • $3,499 for setup (We will credit you 100% whatever you paid in the last 1 year plus 50% of of whatever you paid in the last 2 years for license & maintenance)
  • $599 per year (starting after the first year) for maintenance and continued distribution license
  • $50 per personal edition license* issued
  • $350 per professional edition license* issued (including in-office use)

Your initial setup comes with 2 personal licenses* and 1 professional licenses* that you can distribute

Year 1:

Profit with just 14 personal editions at $299.99 each

Revenue : Sell 14 x $299.99 = $4,199.86 Earned

Investment: $3,499 setup +$700 in licenses = $4,199 total investment

Years 2+:

Profit with just 3 personal editions at $299.99 each

Revenue : Sell 3 x $299.99 = $899.97 Earned

Investment: $599 annual fee + $150 in licenses = $749 total investment

* A note about licenses:

*Licenses are sold to you under a redistribution agreement. You only pay us for a license one time. However, you may resell the license to your customers at a monthly, annual, ore one-time fee to your customers. As an example, a $50 personal edition license you buy from us, can be resold at a $25/month recurring rate to customers with consulting services.

>>> Licenses are per computer installation and managed by a license server. If you decide to use private label in your office, you still will purchase added licenses at $350 each, even if you hire affiliates and charge them a monthly fee.

A customer with a valid license is allowed 3 transfers to a new PC within any rolling 12 months, but every activation will deactivate all prior installations using that same license code. (This prevents license theft and abuse and encourages your customers to buy new licenses and not share license codes.)

The setup fee & maintenance fee includes our licensing server and license issued tracking tool. Should you stop paying the annual fee, your contract will self-terminate and you will not be able to resell new licenses, however, licenses already sold/issued will continue to work.

Who should offer a private label?

  • Credit Attorneys
  • Credit Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Network Marketers
Copy of Personal Edition Overview

Here is the process to get your private label:

1. Send us your company logo, company name, website and contact information + payment

2. We wrap the software with your logo and company name and provide you a download link

3. You start selling the software on your own website, through your own merchant account

  • Offer both a branded version internally to your employees, plus add on the ability to give out a branded personal edition to your clients!
  • Set your own price and make money from the software, consulting services, and doing the work too!

Be one of the only people that can actually sell the service & a software too!

  • Great for employee morale to show your own technology
  • Great for nervous clients who want to do-it-themself
  • Great for showing referral partners that you can let them use a tool from your company

Branding, also known as Private Labeling, allows you to grow in new ways!

  • More Consumer Sales
  • More Business Sales
  • More Revenue Options

At Credit Detailer, we understand your plight. You want to run your operation efficiently, and at the same time you want to be cautious about your technology. With the Private Label branding option, you can use it to

  • Sell direct to consumers as a do-it-yourself kit & then offer additional coaching and education service
  • Sell to credit driven industries (Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Attorney, Automotive) & also offer additional coaching and education service
  • Use it in your office as your own-in-house brand (and keep employees unable to get thier own copy)
  • Create affiliate channels and sell them "your" brand to use while working

More Consumer Sales

Most consumers still do not want to use a credit service, now they can use your "Personal Edition" software in their home

Whether for time reasons, money reasons, trust reasons, or even belief in the service itself will work.

Allowing consumers to walk away with a product that has education built in, gives them the confidence in you, your product, and the process itself. You can not only make one sale from this, you can also sell workshops, training seminars, and you can even still sell your coaching services monthly to assist them with questions as they go.

More Business Sales

Not every business person wants to send you their clients, now they can use your "Professional Edition" software in their office.

There are several reasons business professionals have hesitation of sending you business. Their reputation, the time involved, the costs involved, not understanding the end benefits, and so on.

Allowing professionals to use your product that has a full business suite built in, gives them the desire to want to use it. They may not want to use you, but they will certainly want use your professional software!

While the software does allow professionals to do the work, they still will need contact with a professional to assist them even after you have sold them the product.

More ways to create revenue

Since the product is yours to sell, you can set up the sale in several different options, such as:

  • Sell the Personal or Professional* product with a:
  • one time cost
  • recurring monthly license fee^
  • annual usage cost^
  • one time cost plus a recurring monthly coaching/consulting cost
  • one time cost plus a 6 month coaching/consulting package
  • one time cost plus a 1 year coaching/consulting package
  • as part of a paid workshop or seminar
  • as an added benefit to your business affiliates
  • as part of recurring consulting package
  • as "Self-Maintenance" piece after the initial correction

* Professional Edition has other approval requirements in order to sell.

^ Recurring fees would need a 3rd party license wrapper that you could control.

Many ways to advertise

Now that you have your own software advertising your company name, you can start getting your company software out there in so many ways!

We have an added service that we can set you up with a website and domain to sell from, so all consumers have a single point of access to get information on your software. We keep the help guides, and videos updated so you don't have to. You simply focus on marketing strategies such as:

  • Advertise on eBay & Craigslist
  • Advertise using Google Ads
  • Advertise on local Radio or in local Newspaper
  • Use your staff to sell software to customers
  • Create your own affiliate network, set your own prices, share revenue as you see fit
  • Create a custom YouTube Channel showcasing your product and services
  • Leave a DEMO version for professional offices to see and look at