Fico Pro Certification

If you are serious about credit, then you should be serious about knowledge and education.

AllRegs and FICO, the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, have introduced a new FICO National Certification program: the Certified FICO® Professional (FICO Pro). This program is designed to recognize individuals who have a strong understanding of FICO® scores and how the FICO® score impacts both the lender and the consumer.

The FICO Pro Certification program is available to mortgage industry professionals exclusively through AllRegs. In order to receive this certification, students must complete three required online self-study courses. AllRegs Academy is proud to be FICO’s preferred training provider in the mortgage industry.

Certified FICO® Professionals (FICO Pro), based on FICO® scores and other credit and lending criteria, will understand how FICO® scores are created, the categories and data utilized in the credit report and the impact of FICO® scores on consumers. In order to receive the FICO Pro Certification, candidates must agree to a code of ethics and successfully complete three one-hour online courses delivered by AllRegs Academy: Exploring FICO Scores, Analyzing the Credit Report, and Communicating Credit Information.

Participant Requirements

  • Enroll in the FICO Pro Certification program and pay the $195 program fee (courses included in fee);
  • Agree to abide by the AllRegs Academy Code of Ethics; and
  • Successfully complete the three hours of AllRegs Academy coursework with a passing score of 75% or above.

Required Coursework

(Three hours)

Courses are listed in the recommended order of completion.

Exploring FICO Scores

(One hour course)

Exploring FICO® Scores is designed to teach the fundamentals of FICO® scores. This course defines key credit terminology to clarify and highlight differences between common credit terms. Additionally, the course identifies the information on a credit report that is utilized to calculate a FICO® score. Students will learn the five categories of information that are considered in FICO® scores and recognize how behaviors such as inquiries, loan modifications and foreclosures, among others, may affect FICO® scores. Furthermore, details on the latest scoring model, FICO® 8, are provided, highlighting key differentiators and resulting benefits in predictive value. Lastly, the course identifies methods that consumers can use to manage and improve their FICO® score.

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Analyzing the Credit Report

(One hour course)

Analyzing the Credit Report is designed to review the credit report zones including trade lines, credit inquiries, collections items and public records as well as what information is found in the identifying information zone. It explores the categories of consumer information used in determining a consumer’s FICO® score and reviews the steps to analyze a credit report for duplication and erroneous information. Additionally, students will learn how to identify potential identity theft in a credit report.

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Communicating Credit Information

(One hour course)

Communicating Credit Information examines privacy laws designed to protect consumer’s personal financial information and consumer rights regarding access to their credit information. In this self-study online course participants will learn how to effectively communicate the key information on reports and review useful tools for consumers when evaluating their credit score and uncovering identity theft. Participants will also be given guidelines on how to aid a consumer in the proper steps for reporting inaccurate information and identifying the impact of FICO® scores on consumers.

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Registration in the program includes access to all three required courses. FICO Pro Certification candidates have 12 months to complete the program from the date of enrollment.

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