My Account Manager

Your code is what is used to activate the software. This is different than your license.

A license is more of legality thing.

Activation Code = the code assigned to your account to activate the software

License = the rights assigned to you to use the software under the End User License Agreement

Here's how to look up your activation code: Enter your email address below and click submit

Definitions of the Columns

  • Activation Code = the code used to activate the software (this can be updated by us if needed)
  • Active Status = the status of the activation code (must say "Eligible" for activation code to work)
  • PC's = the number of computers that are allowed to install the software
  • Software Edition = says if Activation is for Business or Personal editions
  • Purchase Date = the date payment was made for the software (and start of maintenance period)
  • Paid = the amount paid for software, plus and PC license add-ons
  • Maintenance Expiration Date = the date at which software updates will end
  • Add Extra Seats/Installations = allows you to purchase additional installations for your account
  • Maintenance Renewal = The buttons listed indicate the price to renew software to receive updates
  • Add Online Portal = You can add more time to an existing portal, or add the online portal to your account
  • Purchase 1 hour live support = Allows you to purchase support time from a live technician as-needed
  • Live Help Button = the button used to connect to a technician. (Button can be used By Invite Only)