Get a Company Website with Email Accounts & Online Documents

Do you want your business setup F-A-S-T ?

How about S-U-P-E-R F-A-S-T ?

Credit Detailer Can Make Your Business Website for you - Fast!

We can set up your website In Under 1 Week* and fill it with educational content!

Plus we set up your email accounts,

plus we get you online word, spreadsheet, and powerpoint for all your employees

            • Stop waiting to "...get around to it..."
            • Don't wait months for other companies to build it!
            • Don't just buy an empty shell site
            • Avoid paying costly monthly hosting fees!

Get your website up and running for a one time setup fee

We set you up with Google Apps so you can own everything.

Accounts are just $5/user per month with no contracts.

Setup is easy!

Sample Site

Sample Company Website: Click Here

PLUS: Sample Affiliate Site*: Click Here

PLUS: Company Back page / Admin Center

BONUS: Sample Public Service Announcement Site: Click Here

(*Online Status Portal is a separate service of the website that requires annual service fee)

You can always change the site colors, shading, background image and colors, logo, pictures, wording and code!

(if running a website is new to you, that's pretty much everything that makes up a web site!)

Here are all the GREAT BENEFITS of having Credit Detailer make your website:

We will help you get your domain name for you!

  • Be
  • We will purchase the 1st year for you at no cost with! (up to a $11 value)
  • We will set you up with a Free account so you manage the domain
  • You will own the domain - not us!
  • (or use your current domain name after registering it with
  • Due to technical limitations, we only support domains registered at
  • (Learn how to transfer your domain and still own it)

We fill your website with pages of excellent content

search engines love content and articles

No wasted time typing in pages of content

We can even add a second language to your site!*

Both English and Spanish pages!

Cater to bi-lingual clients!

We also set you up with an email addresses and group emails!

We set you up with an account using Google Apps for Business.

It allows you to have all the necessary tools to run your office, from email, calendar, and office apps like word, spreadsheet, and more for just $50/user per year. - We even pay the first year for you!

You can also still use email securely from Outlook, your mobile phone, and the web!

We also set up auto forward emails so people can email and it forwards to everyone you choose!

Get started today!

Fill out the signup form

Then pay here:

Payment options are below to fit any budget!

Option #1: Full Payment

$2,999.99 One Time

Option #2: Installment Low

$1,650.00 Now, plus

11 monthly payments of $150

Option #3: Installment Medium

$650.00 Now, plus

11 monthly payments of $250

Option #4: Installment High

$300.00 Now, plus

11 monthly payments of $300

This Website Package Includes:

  • 10 - pages of credit education content
    • licensed for your perpetual use
  • 4 - Company Pages
    • Home
    • About us
    • Services (if elected)
    • Contact Us
  • 2 - Client/Affiliate Portal Pages*
    • *(if Portal Package is already purchased)
  • 1 - Register Online form for your clients
  • Your preferred color scheme
    • to match your logo or style
  • A general logo for your website
    • made from your company name
    • *custom logos are available at additional cost and require additional time to produce
  • Company email accounts*
    • $50/user/year
    • We guide you on how to set this up with Google
    • Each account holds holds 30 GB
    • You get to control users and passwords
  • Online document storage and collaboration
    • Upload and share Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF documents and share them internally and externally
    • Give permission to view or edit to each person
  • You maintain ownership of your domain
    • Many companies hold your domain without telling you, which means they own your website if you stop paying
  • We can build it in as little as 1 week*
    • requires that domain is purchased/registered with
    • requires permissions have already been granted to us to modify the hosting records
  • You can edit the pages as you see fit after website is delivered
    • You own it, you control it, you can change it when ever you want
  • We even teach you how to add/edit pages, employees, & more!
    • We give you an introductory session to go over the settings and managing your site
    • Large amounts of online help and videos are also available for learning

Unlike most hosting companies, they offer no one to turn to for help, but we can arrange a technician to re-teach you or even make custom changes to your website in the future. Additional charges based on time spent will apply.

Looking to buy a Domain Name?

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Yes the Daddy has their great marketing, but as technically savvy as we are, we notice the difference and the limitations. is easier to manage from a technical standpoint.

* Easy to login

* Easy to give temporary permission to others

* Easy to protect

* Easy to renew

* Easy to configure

* Additional configuration options not found elsewhere

CreditDetailer recommends to manage your domains easier!

PLUS- When you transfer your current domain to,

you still get to keep the time left on your domain!

Why are we so insistent on

We can set up the settings in in under 60 seconds.

In GoDaddy, or other domain registries, it can takes up to 30 minutes, or with some registrars, you might not be able to customize the settings at all.